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February 2021 Announcements

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Hi Everyone,

I want to take a minute to thank all the members in the forums.  We appreciate you being active here, posting and replying to topics!   We hope you are getting continued value from our community.  If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, please do let us know through the contact us form.

Site Improvements:

  • We continue to work at improving overall site performance, this is a never ending task.  We've made a few adjustments recently, and you should have seen small improvements in performance.
  • Knowledge Base - we continue to add HELP articles to the knowledge base, if you've not yet had a chance, head over to the HELP menu and check out our knowledge base.  By the way, we rely on your feedback votes (if you like the help article vote on it!!)

Account Settings:

  • URL fields, CDVP2 Certified Checkbox, profile fields.  We've recently had an issue with synchronization that may have caused these fields and values to be re-set.  We've corrected these problems last week.  IF YOU ARE CERTIFIED and want your checkbox turned on, please notify us - BUT we require a copy of your PDF certificate to verify you.

Shop Products:

  • Gift Memberships - feeling generous?  you can buy a one year membership for others by purchasing a gift card.  During the checkout process it will ask you whom to email the coupon to.  Do something nice for someone else and share the love.
  • Super Charge Your Data Warehouse - E-Book, with Bonus materials, is now available on our store!
  • Team Membership - want to purchase a membership for your team?  no problem!
  • Individual Membership - interested in an individual membership?  absolutely!  You can also "renew" your membership by purchasing Individual Membership again.

WWDVC - World Wide Data Vault Conference 2021

  • WWDVC is happening !!!  May 17th, 2021, 100% virtual!!   We are just now setting up our conference platform over on
  • We do not yet have the registration page re-enabled (that will happen soon).
  • We've added Zetaris (   Data Virtualization Vendor to our list of Platinum Sponsors!!
  • Watch our Conference Website for more information:

Note: NONE of our products are auto-renewal.  We have removed auto-renew from the store.

Hope this helps,