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December 2020 Announcements

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We'd like to thank everyone for contributing, and remaining to be an active member of this community.  We'd especially like to thank Nols Ebersohn, Patrick Cuba, and Andrew Foad for stirring some great conversations.  Here are some announcements for all:

Before we get started, we'd like to remind everyone: please remember: you are not allowed to take content from our website (in any form) and re-publish it WITHOUT express written consent.  This is and always has been expressly prohibited due to privacy laws and regulations.

  1. We've continued to improve performance of the site
  2. We've added a metrics dashboard called "LEADERBOARD" in the Discussions Menu, see who the all-time top contributors are, see what your all-time favorite (most liked) topics are, see the activity on a daily and monthly basis.
  3. We've changed the name of the IDEAS forum to POLLS and IDEAS, please post all polls in the POLLS forum.  We know you can post polls in other places, but we'd like to keep them all in one place please.
  4. We Launched a KNOWLEDGE BASE under the HELP menu.  If you want more help and can't find an article, drop us a note in the contact-us form and let us know.
  5. We've upgraded our email sending services

Remember: just because a poll is "old" doesn't mean it's invalid.  We still want your vote, so get out there and tell us what you think.

Note: the # on the topic tag is: the total number of topics that the tag is attached to.  CLICK ON THE TOPIC TAG to search, and get a list of all topics for that tag

What do we have planned?  Quite a few upgrades and enhancements, more capabilities on the forums, more metrics, more statistics, better abilities.

  • Newsletters
  • Webinars
  • More articles
  • New e-learning micro-courses
  • New hands-on micro-courses

And more!

Thanks again for being a part of our growing community.  We really hope you enjoy it.

Data Vault Alliance Team

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