Backend Server Upgrade  


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27/11/2019 9:32 pm  

Hi Everyone!

We are going through a backend server upgrade, as well as a performance and tuning process to better meet the needs of the community.  Please bear with us over the next week or so, as we "work" on the server itself.  There may be a sporatic outage here and there requiring you to log back in!

That said, once the dust settles and we get back on the road, the site should be much smoother, and faster (we hope).  I expect we will be done with most of this by December 7th or so.


As of today, I've had a report of a couple minor issues, I am now working to resolve these issues, IF you have these issues - please drop me an email:   - the issues I would like you to check are:

  • Cannot progress to "next lesson" in a class.
  • Classes enrolled not showing up on your profile.

I have turned off one of the performance enhancing items, and am testing for a bit longer.


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