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What Can I offer for free to members here?

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Hi Everyone,

I want to give back to you, the community.  I want to know what you would like to hear from me that I can provide - which might hold value to you.  I am specifically thinking "free content" that I can give to you as a part of this community.  The things I think I could provide include:

  • Short bits of code (SQL, metadata driven, automation snippets, perl code, etc...)
  • Example Model bits (highly focused on ONE specific topic, solving ONE problem) - but I'd need you all to contribute a single idea that would be easy to wrap up and explain in a single post.
  • Platform Specific elements - I have a background in Oracle (non-exadata), SQLServer, Redshift, DB2, Sybase, Teradata, MySQL, and SnowflakeDB - I can provide a lot of technical information and short How-To's for these platforms.  What would you want to know?
  • Tech tips?
  • Walk-throughs of the Book "Building a Scalable DW with DV2.0"  - anything specific there that you can't get working? or would like to dive in to deeper?

Anyhow, I want your ideas and feedback, and I will do my best to begin providing as much as I can.


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