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Virtual Information Mart Layer

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Hi all,

What approach have you seen or used to virtualize downstream layers from the Raw Vault?

Main issue: querying full change history across Satellites across Hub entities. 


Hub A -> Sat AA, Sat AB, Sat AC

Hub B -> Sat BA, Sat BB

Question 1: The developer needs to combine Entity A and Entity B together, providing full change history across the 6 Satellites, all with varying change timestamps. How to do this most efficiently and accurately?

Partial Solution: I have created, for those Hubs with multiple Satellites, an entity that stores the distinct LOADTIMESTAMP across Satellites attached to a single Hub.  This is a convenience entity and can be done via a View as well. This provides single-entity change history.

Question 2: If we only select a few attributes from each Satellite, how do we condense the change history to reflect changes to only those attributes?  Essentially generating a history of just those attribute changes


HK / AttributeA / Date

123 / ABC / 2021-01-01

123 / ABC / 2021-01-15  <-- this record should be excluded

123 / XYZ / 2021-02-01

123 / ABC / 2021-02-03


Looking for "virtualized" answers.  

Thanks in advance!

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