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To SAT or to LNK?

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Hi all!  I am stuck in a modeling problem and I want to go the right direction before I make a mess of my model, and this seems like a great place to ask "How would you do this?"

I am modeling our state education organizations - public and charter schools and districts, pre-k organizations, etc.  These organizations (in the way they are in the source) are created with each being assigned to 1+ "role", with the roles being public school/public district/etc.  There are ~20 different roles.  Each EdOrg/Role combination have effective from and to dates, with the possibility of having historical and future dates associated with each.

The obvious part is that the EdOrg (based on the BK of the EdOrgID) is a hub.  The role(s) are a different story.  My initial thought was to have the 20 roles created as 20 satellites under the hub until I took the effectivity of each role into account.  That lead me to thinking that each role could be a link with a satellite with the details and a second with the effectivity.  If I do that I would have a link that is connected to a single hub, which could work, but I'm not sure that it is a correct DV structure.  My 3rd thought would be a single link, with the role type being a second BK in addition to the EdOrgID.  This link would then need an effectivity satellite and then the 20 satellites for each individual role.

My 2nd issue is how to handle the future effective dates?  Do they get included into the effectivity satellite or is there a better structure for something like this - I know I'm going to run into it frequently.

Thanks in advance!

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