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Satellites with multiple active attributes - without using a Multi-Active Satellite

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I need help understanding what, for some of you is likely a basic DV scenario and how to handle it with "accepted practices".  I have taken the class and read the book, twice actually, and I still can't seem to find an answer specific to my situation.  I have many scenarios in my source system, where the business key (in this example - a claim) can have 1 to many associated value codes.  I would not consider the value codes a business key...but let me give the same scenario with 2 approaches and hopefully someone can help me out.

A claim has "value codes".  1 claim (which is a business key and a HUB) can have 1 to many value codes AND the source system includes the amount as the primary key (so primary key in source system = claim, value code, amount).

Option 1:

Even though a value code is not a business key; I could build it as one anyway, so I can create a link; I then have a link with a HK for the claim and a HK for the value code.  Do I add the amount as a dep-child key in the link?  Then use the combination of claim, value code and amount as the Link HK?  Or is that doing the whole "data vault design off the source system" that I should avoid?

Option 2:

Do not build the value code as a business key, since technically, it isn't.

How do I represent a satellite where the same claim has multiple active value code/amount combinations?  If it's a claim satellite where the PK is the claim HK and the Load_date, do I have to add the value code and amount as additional primary keys in the claim satellite?

Neither approach seems clean to me, based on my understanding of the builds and I have probably 30 scenarios like this for different business keys.  Can someone help me with the best approach as well as "why" it is the best approach?

Thank you so much!



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