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Record deleted records in vault

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I understand that Status tracking satellite is the way to capture status (I,U and D) for a HUB or a LINK.  What is the solution for tracking a "Delete" for satellite with a weak key. Example, in source we have 2 tables 

party => PartyNum(Pk), PartyName,PartyType

party_address => PartyNum(PK), BillAddressNum(PK),TelephoneNo.

A party billaddressNum is a weak key with values as 1,2,3... to store multiple address for a party. The CDC tool is able to capture Action_flag(I,U and D) flags for changes on each table. 

DV side,the model looks like

HUB_PARTY => Party_HKey(PK), PartyNum,LDTS

SAT_PARTY => Party_Hkey(PK),LDTS(PK), PartyName,PartyType

SAT_PARTY_BILL_ADDRESS => Party_Hkey(PK),LDTS(PK),BillAddressNum(PK- Weak key),TelephoneNo



If there is a delete on party it means a party is deleted and a record with Action_Flag='D' is added in STATUS_TRACK_SAT_PARTY to capture this action. If a record is delete party_address what happens? The obvious solution that comes to the mind is to add "Action_Flag" to SAT_PARTY_BILL_ADDRESS. 

Is this the right way to model.

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