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Question on Email: About Automation Vendors

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Hi Everyone,

I received this question from: Karthikeyan and thought I would answer it here for everyone.

Dear Dan,

  1. i understood from your last response we can use Wherescape , Vault speed for Data-vault Automation ( To automate the generation of loading scripts and so on ). is there any tool or framework available in market to assess the existing landscape and define the Target in Data-vault Model / Schema ?
  2. I have ERWIN Data Model and i see in marketplace ERWIN Edge ( 6 Features Incl. Data Model), is ERWIN Data Model sufficient for me to Perform Data-vault Modelling ?

My response

There are many vendors out there that support Data Vault.  Some support Data Vault 2.0 standards, while others do not.  I can only speak from personal experience - so this is my opinion - do not take this as endorsement.

a. WhereScape has been working with many of my authorized trainers, as well as myself over the past several years to try and bring their tool up to Data Vault 2.0 standards.  They do a decent job of it, but as with anything there are still a few holes / places where they can improve.

b. Vault Speed has also been working with authorized trainers, and is really working hard to meet or exceed Data Vault 2.0 standards.  I have also spoken with them on several occasions about their tool.  Again, like anything there are always a few places to improve, and like WhereScape they are constantly working on improving it.

c. ERWIN has several products available: Data Modeler, Erwin Edge (formerly Mapping Manager / automation).  They too have been working with authorized trainers, and have been working at bringing their tool up to Data Vault 2.0 standards.

d. New emerging tool: Ellie (from Finland),  I don't know much about it (just learning), but I heard from @cindimeyersohn that they do meet the Data Vault 2.0 standards.  This tool is aimed at business users, and sits on "top" of the other three tools above (as I understand it, they have API's and interfaces to work with the other tools).

There are other vendors out there that may claim "Data vault 2.0" support or standards, but they have not been showing good faith in their tooling to meet standards that we maintain and put forward.

As to your question #1:  Any other tool in the landscape to define the target Data Vault Model / schema?  Yes - WhereScape 3D,  Erwin Data Modeler, Ellie are all qualified.  Be aware, Ellie is a BUSINESS MODELER, 3D is a PHYSICAL modeler, and Erwin Data Modeler has both: Physical and Logical modeling capabilities.  You would need to run your own POC with a complete set of scorecard items to measure the tools fit with your own business needs.

To answer your Question #2: I cannot answer that, as I have no visibility in to your business needs / use cases / requirements.  Again, you need to run a tool evaluation POC to determine that.

Hope this helps,

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