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Non Historized Link or Transactional Link  

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We have an expense report file that needs to be RawDV. This is expense of all employees, and this is always inserts and no updates to any transaction. In order to maintain the granularity in the Link, it makes more sense to add TransactionID, ReportID, EntryKeyID, Date, AttendeeName, VendorName as part of the Link as dependent child (These columns donot have a hub of its own as its irrelevant from business perspective)  in addition to EmployeeID (which has a Hub) and CostcenterCode (BusinessKey - Hub). Is this acceptable design?


Transactional Link:

LinkHashkey (based on all columns below)

EmployeeID (Hub)

CostCenterCode (Hub)

TransactionID (DependentChild)

ReportID (DependentChild)

EntryID (DependentChild)

AttendeeName (DependentChild)

VendorName (DependentChild)

TransactionDate (DependentChild)


All the rest of columns from the file go into the satellite of that Link. Since this is my first time doing the non-historized link , I want to make sure I am not breaking any rules here. I have always had the Hub/Link/Satellite approach and not had the keys as dependent child. 

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