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Multiple Source System - Satellite Guidelines

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I have multiple source system (3) which contains data for Customer and their address as well as their preferences. But in each system they are named little different. 

1) When I am creating satellite with HUB_CUSTOMER, does general practices is to host similar concept data into same satellite ex. SAT_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_PROFILE or just because they named differently I should host in 3 different satellite ex. SAT_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_PROFILE_<SYSTEM1>, SAT_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_PROFILE_<SYSTEM2>,SAT_CUSTOMER_ADDRESS_PROFILE_<SYSTEM3>.

2) I might have some unique fields which are applicable to only specific system only. Should I create SAT to host only unique field per system in different satellite and wherever concept are are same fields available group them together.

Can someone provide me guidance what is recommended way to structure it?

3) Does every field from OLTP needs to be in RV Satellites for specific domain? Our OLTP contains many fields for Customer but we don't have usage of many fields in down stream Business Data Vault or Mart? What's general practice?




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