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Modelling link from a source with no primary key

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I am dealing with a source table which records cashflows for a agreement and unfortunately there is no PK on the table and it is valid to have records which are exactly same (entered by a batch process). The table is too long to print but I below are the important fields 


AgreementNr                    NOT NULL,

PostingDt                          NOT NULL,

ValueDt                            NOT NULL,

CashFlowType                  NOT NULL,


Amount                            NOT NULL,

Currency                          NOT NULL


The one marked in bold are the HUBS in the DWH. As the structure shows there is a relation between and Agreement and Company Hubs but Company can be Null and same agreement can have multiple companycode related to it. I have modelled this table as a Multi active SAT (MSAT) to HUB_AGREEMENT but I am not sure how the LINK from this table would be modelled preserving the UoW. The options i see

1. Model the Source table as a MSAT to the LINK_AGREEMENT_COMPANY and where the companycode is null will be replaced by a default HKEY for NULLs.

2. Keep the source as an MSAT to HUB_AGREEMENT but carry the SubSequence generated to the LINK as well.

Any suggestions?



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