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Modelling Hubs using Wherescape

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Hi all,

We have build a Datavault on a health insurance legacy system. We did that  straight forward in a POC  

using Informatica ETL for modelling and loading DB2 sourcetables into Oracle stages and snowflake targets.

We started using wherescape to replace the 'manuell' Informatica part.

in the logical Modell Design -  I ran into the following problem  :

Having two (or more ) Source tables from the legacy system with the same business keys  -> resulting in the same HUB table  How do i solve this in wherescape ? 

1) tagging the busineskeys in wherescape leads to creating addional (unwanted) hub tables

    we tried to solve this by define a group "no hub" and modified the rule 'define entities as hub' in the            conversion model "logical to dvspline" which works but leads to further updates in the rules  (for                example in the generation of stage tables)

2) dragging all source tables into the fist source and using the sourcemapping panel and separating them      through attribute type seems very unpractical 

3) renaming the additional Hubs/Links and Hash-key Names at the end before generating the Red Exports      (advantage would be having a single rule and place for that 'cleanup') ? not done yet


I have the feeling that we overlooked something, there should be some easy solution. Hope someone can help.

which you all a merry christmas and a save 2021!





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