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Modelling data from SAAS systems, where primary keys have no relationship

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Hi All

I was looking at how to model out of some saas systems. I have a entity for account data exposed a an endpoint, these being members and then another for subscription management 

When formulating the hub the key is a GIUD from accounts, this is not used anywhere else. There's another value which comes from a third system not being modeled which is the shared key value for joining data. 

First question is it better to use the GID account ID for the Hub, doesn't sound right as its virtually unheard of in the business or use the other id?

With the subscription system a member can exist at times without a subscription active, does that mean I use that shared key capability to map this member data as a satellite to the member hub as to me they are elements of a member. Am I correct in this approach?

If not the above should I model the member data from the subscription system as satellites of subscriptions? I understand that this would exclude some member data as it wont be linked to a subscription. This may be rare as a member in the subscription system may always have a link to a subscription even if its expired. I'd have to investigate that



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