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Model a Hub when MDM and BK exists

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 I need recommendation on a scenario that I am currently modeling for.

To give a little context, data from various upstream sources is mastered in MDM and a Mdm id(mdm_location_id) is generated.  MDM also hosts the composite BK(Store name, Address, Location_Type) on which the mdm_location_id is generated..

MDM is the source for the Raw Data Vault.

Should the location hub be modeled based off mdm_location_id(a) or BK(s)(b)  ?

(a) Hub_Hashkey, mdm_location_id,  load date, record_source


(b) Hub_Hashkey, store name,address,location_type,  load date, record_source

Or can it host both (a) and (b) i.e.  Hub_Hashkey, mdm_location_id,store name,address,location_type,  load date, record_source.



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