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Migration of business keys

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Hey all, here is a scenario I encountered today.

A client I'm working with at the moment has recently migrated their HR systems from Peoplesoft to Oracle. When the business keys were generated in the respective systems, I would assume that the business key value would be qualified with the source (BKCC). So in that case the Business Keys might look like "PEO|12345" or "ORA|98765".

Now the problem is that when the old Peoplesoft records were migrated then an equivalent record was generated in the Oracle system with exactly the same identifier. What is the most appropriate way to handle this?

Do we create a new set of business keys for the Oracle system and then same-as link them to the orginal Peoplesoft.


As this is a one off load simply use the new Oracle business key even though those keys were generated in Peoplesoft.


Use a more generic BKCC that is independent of the source, so something like "HR|12345".

I should also mention that the old data that needs to be migrated was never loaded into the Data Vault (they are currently building it now), so the DV has none of this data at this point in time.

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