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Links from multiple sources

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Through the training an experience we've been able to grasp the concept of a hub being created from multiple sources - with the satellites of that hub being specific to a source.  From the training/book I know that it would be reasonable that we may have different links due to differences in sources for the hub.  We can also though create a single link that contains all the possible relationships across the sources.  It would be business rules later that could identify if some of these relationships are really the same thing.

In this case - where different sources have different relationships - what is the best practice? From a business vault perspective these various relationships would be harmonized into a single view of the data - but should they be separate in the RAW vault or common?  I'm concerned about how to populate the hub hash key values in the STAGE table and handle adding relationships in the future to the same link (i.e. the source adds a new relationship).

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