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Link - using Hubs and "other" attributres to get to grain

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I hope you can see my model (below) in a browser!  In this link we have three participating hubs.  A member shops with a partner on a "MemberEventDate" and spends money and get points.  That the business process in a nutshell.  Unfortunately, the source MemberEventDate is a Date and has no time information.  So, members can shop more than once on the same day and our MemberEventDate will not distinguish one transaction from another.  In this way, MemberEventDate doesn't really belong in the link in my opinion given it doesn't help with grain and...its not a hub. 

The source system does however have an ActiviityReferenceNumber.  In fact, this is the primary key for the source table.  We do not "need" the Member, Partner or Company hubs to get to the correct grain.  Here is the question

  • Can we simply remove the hubs from this link and put the Member, Partner and Company bkeys from the hub into the Satellite?   We can still correctly track the history of the attributes in the satellite based on changes that happen to them under our ActivityReferenceNumber.  Everything i have read here feels like the answer to this question should be no! I just dont understand exactly why?  What are the costs of doing this?  


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