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Link Driving Key modeled as a Hub

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There is a concept I would like to better understand that Dan teased on his blog as something he would post about later.  It is the concept of a link driving key modeled as a hub.  There is a discussion in the comments about the end of updates that suggests using a hub for the driving key of a link (comment from Dan Linstedt on 4/13/2017).  

Surprise Surprise, Driving Keys are a Modeling Mistake… The reality is much simpler than written in to the book. The problem is: the Satellite is in the wrong place.. Move the Satellite to the HUB where the Driving Key “lives”, and the problems are all solved

I would like to know more about this technique in the context of an insert-only DV 2.0 model.  The book example for SatConnection uses the deprecated end dating method for the link satellite.  In the boot camp that I attended, we discussed three options for DV 2.0 as follows:

  1. Make business rule enforcement of the driving key in the consuming query (information mart)
  2. Implement a soft delete in the satellite
  3. Implement an effectivity satellite

This concept of modeling the driving key as a hub sounds like a fourth option, but I cannot find any good resources that are publicly available.  For those with experience in any of these four techniques, I would be interested to know the pros and cons of your experience.  Our discussion in the boot camp only went so deep with most of the attendees being exposed to these concepts for the first time.

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