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Invoice Line item

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Hi all

I know a variation of this question has been asked before, but I would like to get some clarity on all the different approaches and whether they are valid from a DV2 perspective. Perhaps PROS and CONS.

If one has an Invoice with a line item, as well as a Customer on the Invoice (so basically at header level). 

The link exists on Invoice (HUB invoice) as well as Customer (HUB Customer), so I would think that in this case you need to create the Link between HUB_INVOICE and HUB_CUSTOMER, however the descriptive information about the sale (lets say quantity) is at Invoice line item level. 

Which one of these options is most suited?

Can I create a satellite with Invoice line item as "sub-sequence"? I.e. additional primary key on satellite whilst keeping the business key as Invoice?


Should one create a link between Invoice and Customer with Line item as dependent child, even though the grain is not at line item level?


Are there other alternatives? 



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