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Initial load snapshots for PIT based Dimensions

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As per the example given in the book "Building scalable datawarehouse with DV2.0" on chapter 14 -Loading the dimensional Information mart, the bridge table biz.BrConnection has the snapshot_date populated as FlightDate from the link table and then this bridge is used to create the virtual fact table in the IM. The dimension DimAirportCode is based on PITAirportCode and its snapshotdate is a set of user provided dates and the same date is used to get the data from the satellite using condition 

AND ? in sat.LoadDate and nvl(sat.LoadEndDate,'31-12-9999')

where ?- is the user provided date.

My question is - Suppose the DWH went live on 15th Jan 2021 and the initial load for data is done in PIT(snapshot date =14th Jan 2021) and BRIDGE(snapshot date =flight date) and since the bridge snapshot dates is derived by Flight Date so it can be any date, lets say one of the date is 31st Oct 2010. In this case how PIT snapshots are also populated for the same dates as there is no data for 31st Oct 2010 from the satellites used to populate the PIT snapshot. 

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