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Ideas for Best Practices for Cloud-based teams - i.e., how to best herd cats?

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I'm interested in finding out if anyone has published best practices on how to "herd cats" when working with disparate groups or teams in a Cloud environment.  One of my students asked this question, and I wanted to get the collective advice of the community.  Here's the scenario -

Your team has been given the direction to implement a DV in the Cloud. 

You have at your disposal a myriad of tools, both for programming, ELT/ETL, and potentially multiple database application systems available to you. 

You want to be able to develop and ensure consistency across your team and incentivize your more "rogue" users to take advantage of a series of functions that have been developed by your team.  Among the shared functions that have been developed is a hash function that can be implemented and called for virtually any data set.

You want to encourage people in the environment to begin utilizing hash keys in their designs in order to position the various efforts to integrate to the DV.

How would you go about socializing the library of functions and establishing best practices for all teams to follow to ensure compatibility throughout the Cloud environment?