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How to implement Business Rules

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Business Rules can be anything that derives information out of raw data and can ideally be implemented in the frontend application or in a business rules engine. In either scenario the intention is to give business value and the output is recorded in raw vault when it was supplied by the source system or in business vault because an additional business rule engine was utilized to manage and orchestrate these reusable business rules in the business process.

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Considering that business rules can be:

  • forward chaining or 
  • backward chaining 

the data vault benefits from decoupling the business rules from the physicalised outcomes in business vault because that allows business vault to remain tool and technology agnostic.

With that in mind: 

1. What business rule engines have you used? 

2. How have you managed a repository of business rules?

3. Have you incorporated data science (ML, AI et al.)?

4. Who defines your business rules?

5. Are tribal rules considered and recorded?

6. Was it possible to have the business rule implemented by an off-the-shelf product? If not why not?

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