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Handling past time based load scenarios

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At work we have loaded our Data Vault tables (hubs, links, satellites and status tracking satellites with AppliedTS and LoadTS columns) from 2021-03-31 to the present, one data load per day. We're being asked to manage 2 scenarios:

1. Load new data from before 2021-03-31 in the same tables. For example, load data for dates 2020-01-31, 2020-02-29, ..., 2021-01-31 and 2021-02-28.

2. Reload data for a previously loaded date. For example, on 2021-06-10 we would be asked to reload data for 2021-05-31.

Is it possible to deal with these scenarios? I think hubs and links shouldn't give problems dealing with reloaded data or data from the past, but satellites and STS's could get messed up by altering the timeline. Have you dealt with these scenarios in your load process?

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