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Graph Database

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My current organization is looking into implementing a graph database to store most of our enterprise data. My understanding is that the use case is to have an operational data store for systems that require cross source system information. This is recent news to me so I'm still getting the exact use case.

I'm trying to see what the thought/experience is having a graph database alongside our "in-progress" Data Lake and Data Vault solution. 

I am having trouble finding the use case to having both co-exist, but perhaps there are valid use cases. 

I always envisioned our data vault solution eventually to support operational systems, not just real-time analytics, reporting, etc. 

I understand graph database is a technology, which is not what DV is, so comparing the two is not completely fair. Of course, in the eyes of the executives, the outcomes are relatively the same, we have a solution that has all our data. 


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