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One of my tasks when working on client sites (sometimes even before the engagement starts) is explaining concepts and ideas with regards to Data Vault. This usually comes in the form of onsite standards, modelling scenarios and even architectural concepts. Some of these ideas and explanations I have cleaned up, de-identified and posted to Linkedin and some to Data Vault Alliance blog as well. Certainly posting on here has helped explaining concepts better because there is such a variety of bright minds on this forum!

So if you have the time (and if you're interested), here are some of the articles on Data Vault 2.0 I've authored


Don’t forget the articles available here too! “Seven Deadly Sins of Fake Vault” ( ) and “Data Vault Elevator Pitch” ( )

And lastly, “Effectivity Satellites”, poorly understood even by some of my former colleagues! This satellite presents some fundamental configuration that seems to fly in the face of DV2.0, it has an End-Date — but by studying how the effectivity satellite works and how to query it it is perfectly fine the way it structured. It so important to understand what it solves and it is why the article has such a teasing title “Is the Effectivity Satellite a Raw or Business Vault artefact?”