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DV 2.0 Constructs - Link Satellites, Weak Hub...

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What's the best approach in this case?

We have a provider hub called h_provider with business key denoted npi. We also have two provider satellites coming from two systems (facets and cactus). The one satellite called s_fac_cmc_prpr_prov has business key prpr_id and the other one called s_cac_providers has business key provider_k. There are three options we are considering in this case. The first is to have a link called l_provider coming from the provider hub and then have the two satellites hanging off of that link. The second option is to have separate links, one for each system, coming off of the provider hub. The two different system satellites will then hang off of its respective link. And the third option, which we recall from the training, is to have a provider link relating the provider hub and weak provider hub (denoted h_w_provider) to each other. The two satellites would then hang off of that weak provider hub. Models for each option have been drafted and copied below. If you could provide any insight at all on the use of these constructs, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.


Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

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