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Dependent / Weak Hubs

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Hey everybody,

Another little question for you all to ponder regarding dependencies between hubs. Again I'll use an example to ask the question.

Say I'm modelling for an insurance company. The company has customers that might be identified by a text string such as "AF123". Let's say that those customer may make claims, and each claim is identified by a compound business key consisting of the Customer ID and a Julian date and an alpha sequence (in case there is more than one claim in a day), so something like "AF123/2020356A".

My question is, what is the most suitable way to model this. Clearly there is a dependency between the Customer and the Claim by virtue of the common Customer ID but should the relationship be explicitly modelled between these two hubs in the vault? Is the fact that the Customer Id forms part of the claim BK simply a red herring? 

I can think of a number of ways this could be modelled...

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