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Data Vault on Azur Cosmos db

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Hi, We are currently running DV on Hive and are in the process of brining up the Raw Data Vault (RDV) and Business Data Vault (BDV) on our Exadata Oracle platform.  At this point we are looking at our processing of XML/JSON data.  We are going to prototype the XML data type in Oracle and also prototyping in Azur Cosmos db.  Azur is a NoSQL cloud Database.  Dose anyone have any experience running DV in Azur?  Are there any concerns that I should test/look at?  At this point I am considering building satellites that have all of the required metadata (Hash Key, dates etc), maybe one or 2 key pieces of information extracted from the XML/JSON that would be high search columns and then a single XML column.  This would be in the RDV.  As we identify Use Cases we are planning on the BDV being more of an RDBMS structure (Not full copy of the RDV but sparsely populated as needed).  At this point I am not planning on moving any XML/JSON into the BDV/InfoMarts.  BTW, we have some very large XML files, some > 100,000 rows in one file.



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