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Data Vault modelling outside the Data Warehouse

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Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone else has tried architecting systems or conducted other less traditional use cases for DV2.

I'm working on a labour of love software system as a side project to my day-to-day in a data warehousing team. I've decided to see what happens if I start from data vault entities from the ground up.

So far, I rather like the design and have had a couple of surprises, such as finding that an entity that I'd previously considered to be central to my architecture is best placed as a satellite to a link table, and it is that link which is actually core. In addition, DV2-for-Systems has also forced me to really consider up-front issues such as what really does belong to the customer (GDPR, etc.), what aspects of the system are given to different degrees of change (therefore better managing storage), how various components relate to business contexts, and really taking an analytics/prediction-first thinking -- e.g. thinking up-front how I will want to report on business processes and aspects of the system as it gets used.

Other than lower initial speed-of-delivery (which I don't mind because I don't have stakeholders breathing down my neck on this one), I haven't really identified downsides to doing this. Does anyone else know some pitfalls to this approach?

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