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Data sources for SAP ECC data for DV

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We are working on a proposal to build a DV based analytics platform for a Client (having SAP since 1997). For the first phase the main data source is SAP ECC. Various options that are shared with us by SAP expert are :

1. Get full data loads followed by deltas for each of the ECC tables.

2. Leveraging iDocs - but it is not clear we can get full data extraction option for this case but they confirmed deltas are possible.

The main challenges we foresee if we start getting each table data is the complexity of building a BDV and then Data Mart layers based on Raw DV due to the need of capturing most of the business rules/logic through engaging expensive SME support as well as running into impacts of business rule changes that happen upstream.

Based on your experience what is the best way to build DV for SAP ECC data ? Are there other options to do this better as keeping overall cost is very important. We are only talking about a few TB of data altogether.

Please share your guidance so that we can plan this in the right way or better way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Siva Janamanchi

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