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Converting from a DV1 to DV2 data vault

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We have an existing DV 1 warehouse that uses sequence numbers as the table primary keys and we are looking at converting it to a DV 2 model.

Would you recommend converting the data in the existing warehouse to DV2?

Is there an easy way to do this?

Since one of our source systems has a rolling retention window of five years, some of the existing data in our current warehouse could not be reloaded from the source.

We may be able to do without the historic data but the business stakeholders may want it kept, so if there are a couple of options to converting (or not) the existing warehouse I'd be interested in learning about both.

Also, our current warehouse employs end dates in all satellites and effectivity satellites for all Hubs and Links to manage what is current in our source systems - in case that has any bearing on what suggestions are made.  We have a mart built on top of the warehouse and a mart staging area that stores historic data that has already had soft business rules applied to aggregate data from tables in the warehouse that house the data from the rolling window source. - If this makes sense.


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