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Connect Existing Satellite history to a new Hub

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Hi All, 

I need help to be able to connect a new Hub to historical data of an existing satellite. Currently, we have a HubCustomer and SatCustomer:

Our pipelines loads a daily file to both HubCustomer and SatCustomer. So when File 20210701.csv loads the tables, it checks if there are any changes in the customer, if there is a change in the customer info, it inserts a new record to SatelliteCustomer:

The next day 20210702.csv is loaded, this time, customer does not have a change so it does NOT insert new record.

On the third day, 20210703 gets loaded and there is a change, so it inserts new record.

This is the current set up right now. BUT now, the business wants to associate those historical changes of the satellite history to where the record also exist in the CSV load files. like so:

Is this possible to achieve, without altering the existing pipeline or objects for Hub Sat Customer. Like Create a HubFileDate and LinkSatHubFileDate like so:

I’m just worried about this design because you already have HubCustomer connected to SatCustomer via H_CustID. Now I'm thinking of creating a LinkSatHubFileDate connected to SatCustomer via H_Id and HKey.   Can I also achive this without breaking the DV rule?





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