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Choosing the right Data Vault 2.0 Automation Approach presentation Q&A

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You can see my presentation on Choosing the Right Automation Approach as a recorded session for the Data Vault 2021 Conference.  Here is a short overview of what I presented and I will answer any questions.

I presented the following Data Warehouse Automation landscape:

Full Data Vault technology support requires three broad areas of functionality and the circles show tools that meet one or more of these:

- Data Vault 2.0 Automation: top left are the tools that have this out of the box.

- Data Governance: top right are tools that provide this

- Data Integration: Bottom are tools that do advanced Data Integration. 

Not many tools are in the middle.  Most Data Integration suites don't have Data Vault automation, most Data Vault automation tools don't have advanced data integration or governance capabilities.

I also provided an overview of what I think is a Data Vault automation framework which illustrates why it can take up to 6 months to build an automation framework or why it can be time consuming to build Data Vault code if you don't have an automation framework:

A good automation framework lets you make Data Vault modelling decisions (business keys, satellite splits, link driving keys) in a rich user interface and then generates all the required components from those decisions - table definitions, mappings and load code.  A good tool eliminates the need to manually move metadata between tools (data modelling, data mapping, data integration, database) and generates all the required metadata from a single tool.


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