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Business Rules – best “place” to store computed data

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Hi All,

Some time ago my team decided to replace our old warehouse, which in fact is rather some kind of ODS (operational data store) that keeps data in daily snapshots, with completely new data warehouse architecture based mainly on Data Vault ? and Kimball Data Marts (for BI tools). Currently meaningful part of our data (ca. 40-50%) is calculated based on Business Rules. These calculations make some simple data standardizations but also really sophisticated data enrichments which in many cases couldn’t be enclosed/evaluated in single and simple SQL queries.

I wonder what is your opinion about the best place to store data computed against mentioned above Business Rules. Should we load these data in Business Hubs, Business Satellites and Business Links in area called “Business Vault” (so in fact, keep business data history in DV) or we should rather write these data directly to Kimball Data Marts? Any advices, suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.


  1. I know that there is third possibility connected with use of “virtual” Business Vault. But in our case it is rather not an option, as our soft rules are too heavy to process them on the fly (in DB views).
  2. Before starting this thread I have already went through these two threads: Properly Defining a Business Vault, How to implement Business Rules

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