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Build a DV2.0 model to support a web front end?

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Hi all,

Have an interesting use case in health care (organization is both a provider and payor) where we are assessing the feasibility of building an in-house solution and a data model to support the creation of a provider, location and payor golden record to support all sorts of downstream analytics & reporting use cases. It's a perfect fit for DV2.0 in many regards and, like we learned in class, we intend to use a pattern very similar to the reference architecture from the managed self-service BI slide deck in the pre-course materials (I took the class in August so I'm not sure if that was pre-course materials before COVID). 

A little more background for the group before my question...much of the data will come from upstream source systems into a Snowflake/DV2.0 based model integrated by business key (National Provider ID for provider, etc). However there is a need to have some user input to adjust some mappings from providers to locations and providers to health plans they accept. We've looked at some extremely expensive tools, but want to investigate using our fairly robust application development team to build a custom UI to allow for some manual adjustments to mappings & manual input (adding referring providers that may not exist) and we can use our Snowflake instance to support the app from the backend.

My question for the group is what modeling pattern would you practitioners use for the application database:

  1. A separate schema in Snowflake using 3NF
  2. Use our same DV2.0 model/schema to insert new records to our Provider/Payor/Location Hub, new relationships (mappings) to links along with separate satellites for some metadata that can be edited all in our raw vault

Any thoughts? Any more background info I could provide? I'm leaning towards number 2 because after class all I'm mostly conditioned to see hubs/links/sats! However, I'm trying to think about what I could be missing in this instance as I have never build a front-end application off a DV2.0 model. It got me thinking where the updated DVA page uses a DV2.0 model in the background 🙂

Thanks everyone!

-Chris Puuri

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