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Please read the description for the forum.   All community members should feel free to post scripts / templates here that assist with automation of any aspect of Data Vault.  Please upload only ZIP files!  Scripts / templates can be written in PL*SQL, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, T-SQL, Snowflake SQL, or in any other scripting / templating language.  These scripts *may* require you to have access to a particular tool: like WhereScape, or ERWin Mapping Manager, etc...


  • Zip file only
  • Note the VERSION of the tool and the tool you might need to run the script
  • In the post: talk about what the script is supposed to do
  • In the ZIP file, add a READ-ME.txt file - with instructions on how to install it.
  • Please!!  Version the script itself (in comments).  If you have a NEW version of the script, then post a NEW topic!!
  • Please!! Version the ZIP file name as well, so that when we download them, we can know which ones we are looking at.

We will: look at automatically deleting "old versions" of scripts that age past 2 years.

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