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Hi folks.  I am Tim Webber.  I am a BI practitioner with experience in Dimensional Modelling.  I came across Data Vaults years ago when a colleague wanted to know what they were.  I purchased the supercharge your data warehouse from your company Dan.  Reading the book for the first time was interesting.  I was reading while searching the internet for what comparisons others had made between DV and Dim Models. That was fun. Whew.

My first position was to defend dim models and our somewhat varied approach to managing data in various types of staging areas prior to delivery to the Dim Model.  Over time, i came across specific situations where the DV had "specs' (that i recalled reading about...) for what i wanted to do and we were faced with "making them up as we go". 

Fast forward to today, i am working with a client on a DV and i have an experienced DV modeler who can mentor me.  Thats great.  However, I dont always understand why we are doing something or why we are content to adjust our DV "standards" to meet certain specific goals of our implementation.   This brings me to why i am here.  To learn and also to get a sober second opinion on some of the things that appear to me, different that what the supercharge book seems to be suggesting.  Thanks!

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