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Dale Anderson Introduction

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So glad to be a part of DVA!

I found Data Vault in 2009 which satisfied a craving for something different than STAR schemas (of which many know, I am not a fan - but they do have their place).  As an EDW architect, data modeler, & implementation specialist, I found a better way using DV 1.0; then DV 2.0 came along which (as you already know) defines:

  1. a baseline architecture (massive accelerator)
  2. well defined methodologies (critical)
  3. flexible data model (yea!)
  4. standards (a must have, and must do)

Finally, a solution based approach I can really use for the design & implementation of Modern Data Warehouses, Agile Data Lakes, and Federated Data Hubs!  How cool is that?

Recently, I left a great company, Talend Inc, to focus on my technology startup, Trinity IDC, and my consulting practice (I am available for limited engagements).  While at Talend, my evangelistic efforts brought this excellent Data Integration tool, as a platinum sponsor, to WWDVC for 5 years.  I hope they continue....  My blogs on Data Vault are posted on the Talend Blog site and have been some of the most popular in Talend's history.  Please find them here:

Meanwhile, as I focus on Trinity IDC (a Data Vault applied solution), I look forward to working more closely with the other technology vendors like VaultSpeed, WhareScape, biGENiUS, Erwin, and several others.

I look forward to meeting all of my Data Vault compatriots at upcoming events and via DVA!  Thanks Dan (et al) for setting this up.

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