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Yes to 360 Poll is created on Jul 04, 2019

Poll results: Yes to 360
Voter(s): 20
Poll is created on Jul 04, 2019
No  -  votes: 1 / 5%
Yes to 360 but with suggestion below  -  votes: 15 / 75%
Yes to 360 but without MDM  -  votes: 4 / 20%

Micro Lesson: Building the 360 Degree View of Customer

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Are you interested in a micro lesson on the 360 Degree View or Single View of Customer for reporting and analytics in a Data Vault 2.0?

This would be a 2-4 hour micro-lesson stepping through how to build a 360 Degree View of Customer in a Data Vault with slides, explanation and scenarios.  It would use the scenario of receiving data from multiple sources like  Could do a version with MDM discussion in it and one without.

Suggested outline:

1) Business overview of the requirements and value of the 360 Degree View.

2) Raw Data Vault design.  Customer data, Customer Interactions, Customer Transactions, Social Media.

3) Business Data Vault design: Same as Links.  Conformed Hubs, Links and Satellites.  Customer Models, Scoring, Personas and Segmentation.

4) Presentation Layer design: Information Mart.  Conformed dimensions, 360 Degree View Dashboard / Portal.

5) Integrating with an MDM platform: Patterns of MDM.  Ingesting and using MDM gold copies, links and rules through the layers of Data Vault.  

6) Building MDM in the Data Vault: applying matching, survivorship and building registries in the Business Vault.


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