Are you interested in Eval Trial usage of DV Software? Poll is created on Oct 23, 2019


Are you interested in Eval Trial usage of DV Software?  

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Are you interested in "clicking a link" here inside DVA, and being transferred / given access to / being contacted by: Data Vault Software Vendors?  The end goal is that they give you (one way or another) 30/60/90 day evaluation access to their software in the cloud..  This of course means they have a cloud edition...

Vendors that do not have cloud software, would not be able to offer this service.  Some vendors have told me, they are willing to have us fill in a form with your information, they would get in touch with you directly.

FEEL FREE TO REPLY if you have a vendor you'd like to see participate, I would need their contact info and their URL.  or reply if you have ideas around what you'd like to see as far as the interaction goes.

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