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Record Source question

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I might be making this harder than it should be. The Modeling Specification v2.0.2 that is printed in my CDV2.0 book section 3.0 item 2.3 is Record Source, however it doesn't tell you what to populate there. Book examples use what ends up looking like codes, which means somewhere there is a code table mapping code to the system and a start date of when that code was valid (maybe start and end). I would like to use what I would call fully qualified source as things build on each other over time. So if the flow is:

AS400 (Mainframe) -> DV Stage DB -> DV DB (Hub) -> BV DB (Table)

That means each step adds to the breadcrumb of the pathing, as the AS400 is the true source would pathing in Record Source for a example field of customer name look like

DB Stage DB:  "as400.cuslib.cstmr.cuname"

DV DB (Hub): "as400.cuslib.cstmr.cuname;dvstagedb.stg.as400custlibcstrm.cuname"

BV DB (Table): "as400.cuslib.cstmr.cuname;dvstagedb.stg.as400custlibcstrm.cuname;dvrawdb.raw.hubcust.custname"


As you can see this can get long, but it shows each step the data took.

Or should the data just have the original source and just copy that forward at each step?

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