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Question from our Data Vault 2.0 Book

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Here is a question I received via email, about the book.  I've provided my thoughts as an answer below.

I am big fan of your Data Vault concepts, currently i am trying by reading your book "Building a Scalable data warehouse with Data Vault 2.0". i have a questions regarding data integrations(Multiple source) in Business data vault. is it possible to integrate two different business sources in to one view/table in business data vault which are not actually related business wise, for example I have policy_Number, contract_Date , contract_enddate from Property_Casuality Insurance and the same set attributes from life Insurance , they are totally different business , is it possible to put them together in business data vault ?

Thanks for being a fan!  I really appreciate it 🙂   I have taken the liberty of posting the answer here, so that everyone can see my response.

1. Is it possible to integrate multiple sources in to one view/table in a business data vault that are not actually related business wise?

Yes. in a business data vault you can relate any data you see fit.  And as usual, just like "conforming a type 2 dimension" - it will require a solid knowledge of business rules.  This is no different than conforming data for a type 2 dimension

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