Data Vault 2.0 Architecture

Design a Solid Foundation to Stand the Test of Time

A good architecture is the root of a solid foundation.  One that will stand the test of time without re-engineering.  One that will weather the storms and stay solid through earthquakes and acts of mother nature.

Introducing the
Data Vault 2.0 Architecture


Architecture and Design are critical to a solid foundation, leading to exceptional outcomes that stand the test of time

Architecture To Serve The Future!

Our Data Vault 2.0 Architecture includes people, process, systems, data, and technology.  The Data Vault 2.0 Architecture includes data science, data lakes, big data systems.  We provide the architecture as a blueprint to your foundational success.  Why Software Architecture?  Because building an Analytics solution is the same as building Software!  We have deliverables, QA/QC procedures, governance, and version control (to name a few) that have to be adhered to.    Here is a reference to a good definition:

It creates a solid foundation for the software project and makes your platform scalable. It increases the performance of the platform, reduces costs, and avoids code duplicity.

Software architecture also helps you in implementing a vision. Looking at the architecture is an effective way to view the overall state of IT and to develop a vision of where the organization needs to or wants to go with its IT structure. A software architect sees the big picture. In order to carry the architecture through to a successful conclusion, it’s important that somebody owns the big picture and sells the vision throughout the entirety of the software development lifecycle, evolving it throughout the project if necessary and taking responsibility for ensuring that it’s delivered successfully.

It also identifies areas for potential cost savings. Architecture helps an organization analyze its current IT and identify areas where changes could lead to cost savings. For instance, the architecture may show that multiple database systems could be changed so that only one product is used, reducing software and support costs. Provides a basis for reuse. The process of architecting can support both the use and creation of reusable assets. Reusable assets are beneficial to an organization since they can reduce the overall cost of a system and also improve its quality given that a reusable asset has already been proven.

We help you design the solution you want.

Find out why Data Vault 2.0 is the way of the future, discover it’s benefits in full by enrolling in one of our CDVP2 (certified data vault practitioner) courses!

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