Courses Offered

World Class Training for You!

Want to get questions answered in person? Our Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner Class is the only authorized and authentic Data Vault class in the world, or find a course on-line.

Self Paced E-Learning

E-learning or self paced offer a different way of learning. All of these offerings are on-line, just select the courses you want, and purchase, and you are good to go! Our on-line courses frequently offer downloads for the student to follow along in a hands-on manner. Why not see for yourself? Read a few reviews, and choose to brush up on your skill sets.

Instructor Lead Courses

North America

Instructor lead courses offered by PerformanceG2, taught by Bruce McCartney in Canada, and the United States.

Instructor lead courses also offered by DataRebels, LLC, taught by Cindi Meyersohn in the tri-state area of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.


Instructor lead courses offered by Scalefree, taught by Michael Olschimke and Volker Neuremberg.

Australia / New Zealand

Instructor lead courses offered by Certus Solutions, taught by Nols Ebersohn.