The process of execution inside the VTC program is outlined on your left.  Please read the outline carefully to understand the flow of how we process your submissions in the VTC Program.

The BASELINE Model is only used as a check – to ensure the tool is capable of producing all of the required artifacts needed during certification.  The baseline model is also a fixed test case – so we can detect any error (from naming convention to object type, to code execution process).

The BASELINE model is also used in the DV101 Hands On Course which is available to all CDVP2 Students, and available publicly for sale on our store.

After the baseline process is complete, the vendor will enter the iteration flow.  Please bear in mind that the MODEL we use for actually certifying the tool is not the baseline model.  The model we use for certifying the tool is different than the baseline, and this is by design.

Also note: this iteration process has three (3) iterations, along with time-limited submission cycles.  This is to ensure that the generators are functioning properly and that the tool is capable of executing agile design changes rapidly.

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