Vendor Tool Certification Program

We are proud to announce our Vendor Tool Certification Program.  This effort brings together software vendors, their platforms, and tools and measures their outputs against Data Vault Standards.

If you are ready to take the next step – go ahead and click the button to skip to the form.  Filling in the form simply begins our discussions, and it is free to apply.  We’d be delighted to begin discussions with you.

About the VTCP

  1. We don’t certify vendors.  We certify the Data Vault 2 components embedded in the TOOLS that vendors produce
  2. We certify the specific version of the tool that we test against, which does not guarantee a future version of the tool still meets the standards
  3. We are issuing 2 year tool certifications that expire, and must be renewed in order to continue participation in the program.
  4. Just because a tool version is certified, does not guarantee that it will be utilized correctly to build Data Vault 2.0 solutions that meet the standards.
  5. The new VTCP program (starting Q1-2022) will require vendors to also train their sales, marketing, and consulting staff to follow rigorous standards in implementation.

VaultSpeed & Empowered Holdings, LLC

Empowered Holdings, LLC and Scalefree teamed up in 2019 to work with VaultSpeed to get their Data Vault automation tool certified to Data Vault 2.0 standards. We are happy to announce that as of 2020, they have passed the tool certification process.

As of January 2021, Empowered Holdings LLC merged its Data Vault practices with DataVaultAlliance Holdings LLC. Going forward we (DVA) are currently developing a world-wide Vendor Tool Certification Program. This program and it’s details will be available to any software or hardware vendor interested in participating.

On the web at: https://vaultspeed.com

Why did VaultSpeed choose to be certified?

Vaultspeed values the Data Vault Standard for all the benefits it brings like resilience to change and repeatable patterns. Data Vault provides the foundation for automation. Being able to work with a well defined standard that is documentedused across the world, updated and safeguarded over time is key. In fact, this enables everyone to speak the same language. This emphasizes the importance of the Data Vault Alliance, led by founding father Dan Linstedt, as the organisation that sets the Data Vault standard. For these reasons we also want to have VaultSpeed Data Vault 2.0 certified by the DVA in order to prove that VaultSpeed provides the means to work by that very same standard.

List of Vendors Interested in VTCP 2022

This is a list of vendors that have applied for acceptance to the VTCP-2021 early adopter program.  We are still in the process of accepting their applications, and finalizing the details of the program itself.   This list shows interest by these vendors to take Data Vault 2.0 standards seriously.  We applaud their interest, and welcome their participation in the upcoming program. 

LEGAL DISCLOSURE: This list does not indicate that their current tool is certified, nor does it indicate that they are currently enrolled in the program.

You can click the tool/vendor names below to follow their links to their websites.

About the Upcoming Program

The program will list a set of standards that the tool needs to meet, in order to have the components that automate Data Vault, be certified. The program is not yet publicly available, however here are some of the details about the program that may assist you in preparing for certification of your tool.
Curious?  Watch the Announcement Video (to the right) from WWDVC 2021!
Base Requirements *May Change
Benefits to You (The Vendor)
How to Participate in the Program

The program is OPEN for participation by our Early Adopters.  The program is in it’s Alpha phase for 2021.  The Alpha Adopter Enrollment window will close on December 15th, 2021.  At this time, you may fill in the following form to apply for participation.   No fees will be charged unless your application is accepted.  There are no fees to apply to the program.  Once accepted, the fees are non-refundable.

To find out more about the program – fill in the form below (which expresses interest to us), and we will send you more information.  By filling in this form you are letting us know that you wish to participate in our program.  We consider all applications carefully, and will respond to you within 2 business days.

Vendor Tool Certification Program Request for Information

Vendor Tool Certification Program - Early Adopter Interest

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