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About the VTCP

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  1. We don’t certify vendors.  We certify the Data Vault 2.0 components embedded in the TOOLS that vendors produce
  2. We certify the specific version of the tool that we test against, which does not guarantee a future version of the tool still meets the standards
  3. We are issuing 2 year tool certifications that expire, and must be renewed in order to continue participation in the program.
  4. Just because a tool version is certified, does not guarantee that it will be utilized correctly to build Data Vault 2.0 solutions that meet the standards.
  5. The VTCP program  requires vendors to comply with specific statements on their websites and in their sales cycles.

About the VTCP Program

The program will list a set of standards that the tool needs to meet, in order to have the components that automate Data Vault, be certified. The program is not yet publicly available, however here are some of the details about the program that may assist you in preparing for certification of your tool.
Base Requirements *May Change
Benefits to You (The Vendor)
Curious about the Process?


We have two different cost structures for 2022:

  1. Early-Adopter Applications: $10k USD
  2. Standard-Fees: $20k USD

Standard fees are for any vendor that applied after the early adopter program closed (August 2021).  These fees cover two certifications: Modeling and Code Generation.

Payment Terms are net-30 after signing the enrollment agreement.

Please click: Certification Process to take a closer look at the way the program works.

We do not run the tool, we do not install the tool, we do not use the tool in any way.  What we certify are the outputs from the tool that the vendor provides us.  As long as the tool can generate artifacts that adhere to our standards, we can certify that the tool is producing to DV2.0 standards.

The criteria is listed on a separate page (Click the button above: "Read the VTCP Criteria") to learn more.

As of Q1-2022 we are working on producing a public checklist of what we certify.   However that said, we do distribute a complete BASELINE with full working example artifacts of what we expect the tool to produce.   Match the baseline precisely in order to ensure your tool is ready for the next step in the process.

That depends on the step in the process you are currently engaged in.  When working with the baseline you have as long as you need.  But remember: passing the BASELINE tests is only the first step, passing the baseline tests does not result in a tool certification.   Read the process flow to understand the rest of the steps in the program.


Please be mindful: you have to be through the program, and certified or failed, BEFORE the next enrollment window opens.

The certification is issued automatically by the processes in the workflow.  You can view the entire process flow by clicking the button: Learn How it Flows above.  The certificate will be available through Accredible.com

Two (2) years from the date of issue.  However, since most software vendors update their software with a major release at least once per year, re-enrollment every year is recommended.   For those vendors with active / current certifications, we will grant a re-enrollment discount.

All of our vendors follow a software release schedule of major, minor, and interim releases. We understand that process. Let's say that your software release identification looks something like this:


Major version numbers (X) - change when there is a significant change being introduced.
Minor version numbers (Y) - change when a new, minor feature is introduced or a small feature set is released.
Patch version numbers (Z) - change when bug-fixes or security vulnerabilities are released.


Example: X.YY.ZZZ


DVA certifies at the X.YY level to ensure that minor features do not impact DV2 compliance certification.


It is up to the vendor to ensure that any minor releases beyond the certified release do not result in compliance failures.


The vendor may only advertise the certified release as DV2 compliant.


DVA does have a path for re-certification as long as the vendor applies for re-certification prior to the expiration of their current certification.

No.  We do not test the performance of the tool, nor the performance of the data movement code, nor the agility (performance of usability) of the tool.   These are all best practices but are not standards.


We DO test: Restartability of the code (the ability to be re-run without loading duplicates and without running separate processes).  If your tool does not follow the standards, your processes would end up generating / loading duplicates.


Please note: System-based performance testing is not something we certify for.  Why?  because there are simply too many variables making it impossible to set a baseline for comparison.

No.  Our baseline is 98% ANSI-SQL based, and 2% Snowflake specific.  At this time, we will only certify code that runs against Snowflake.   IF you are interested in a database specific certification, you may inquire with us using the contact us form - but we will not be engaging in this discussion until a later date.

Yes AND the year of the certification as well, along with a 2 year expiration date.  The certification contains the tools' version number based on the version of the tool that generated the artifacts and was run through the certification process. Only the version of the tool that was submitted within the processes will be certified.

Please see the answer to the FAQ: Does the certification contain the tools' version number.   In the new year, if you wish to have a new major release certified, you may re-apply with a new version number.

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