Frequently Asked Questions about CDVP2

We hope to provide you with direct answers to many of the questions you may have.  These particular questions are generally asked about CDVP2 Boot Camp, the course, the materials, taking the exam, and the DVA community.

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CDVP2 Course
Are there any hands on exercises in the certification class ?

Yes. The class is 90% lecture with a 2 hour hands on workshop. The workshop is group participation in developing a conceptual Data Vault Model.

CDVP2 Course
Can I elect to take the tests without attending class in person ?

No. Due to the new materials, the exam is currently only offered after attending the course IN PERSON.

CDVP2 Course
Can I take the certification class locally ?

Yes, either publicly (if we are offering one near you), or if we can put together 6 students or more for an in-company training. Contact us (here on the form) to inquire about an on-site class, OR view our events calendar to find a course near you.

CDVP2 Course
Can I take the certification test on-line ?

Yes. However, you *must* attend (in person) the CDVP2 course first.

CDVP2 Course
Do I need my laptop for the class ?

No. No laptop is needed for the course. The Hands on exercise will ask the groups to draw on paper.

How do I change my email address?

As long as you have an account you can log in, and edit your profile, and change your email address.  It doesn’t matter if your account is active, inactive, or expired.  Expired accounts still have login privileges.  To change your email: log in (using your existing email), click PROFILE in the menu bar, then click the WHEEL icon and select EDIT PROFILE.  Then, change your email address, company name, details and update.  Make sure you UPDATE or the changes will not be saved. If you are having trouble logging in, please use the CONTACT US form to let us know.

CDVP2 Course
I have CDVDM certification, can I jump straight to the CDVP2 exam ?

No.  Due to the new materials, all students wishing to become CDVP2 certified, must enroll in the CDVP2 course in order to qualify for the CDVP2 exam.

CDVP2 Course
I have real world experience, can I sign up to take one of the tests or do I have to attend the class first ?

Yes, you *must* attend the CDVP2 Boot Camp before being eligible to take the certification exam. This is due to all the new materials we offer in the course, which are critical to the Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner.

I want to renew membership, how do I do that?

Easy.  Log in using your (old or existing) email address.  IF you need to, edit your profile first, then change your email and company name, THEN renew your membership by clicking the RENEW MEMBERSHIP link in either the menu bar OR your profile icon.

I’m a guest, what do I have access to?

As a guest (without logging in or registering) you can: see the blogs, See what is posted in the forums, see the topic titles (only), see the listings of available courses for purchase, see the upcoming live classes and events.  But you cannot view members directories, you cannot view the actual topic text, nor can you view the replies in the forums, and you do not have access to any of the downloads in the forums.

What does Membership Inactive mean?

It simply means you haven’t logged in for 30, 60, or 90 days.  Your account will go “dormant” / inactive for this reason.  To re-activate, simply log back in.  However, that said: IF your membership EXPIRES, that’s different.  To “reactivate” an expired membership, you need to first RENEW your membership.  You can do that, by: using your existing or old email address and logging in first, updating your profile, then renewing your account.

CDVP2 Course
What if I want to schedule a Data Vault 2.0 Certification Class ?

Contact us, or contact one of our authorized training partners listed on this site. We are happy to work out the logistics with you and provide an in-company certification course.

CDVP2 Course
What’s the difference between DV1.0 and DV2.0 Certification ?

Data Vault 1.0 Certification (CDVDM) only covers Data Vault modeling and is now comprised of knowledge that is 18 years old (as it was released in 2001). Data Vault 2.0 covers NoSQL, Big Data, Performance Improvements, Implementation, Architecture, and Agile Project Management (including Disciplined Agile Delivery by Scott Ambler). Data Vault 2.0 Certified Practitioners understand implementation, business data vault, noSQL, Big Data, and ETL performance, including staging and raw Data Vaults built on Hive.

CDVP2 Course
Why should I get certified in Data Vault ?

Take a look at the two supportive pages we have on the site for full answers, that includes: the value of certification, and the benefits of certification. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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