We are consultants and advisory experts who help your company discover challenges, determine the right path for your company to overcome those challenges, and deliver a comprehensive solution for your individual business goals. From day one, our highly-trained consultants work with your staff to determine where you would like to take your business in the future, what data you have currently, how your data can help you achieve your goals, and the best path forward to make that happen.

Why Partner with DVA?

Michael Olschimke
Beyond sharing a founding partner within Dan Linstedt, the inventor of Data Vault 2.0, Scalefree has found that in partnering with the Data Vault Alliance, new possibilities and avenues of growth become available to the industry as a whole when driving forces within the space come together. As the development and process of innovation is spurred through combined efforts, in which knowledge, expertise, and insight is leveraged towards creating something vastly more efficient, the industry, as well as clients served, stand to benefit from the building of better bridges.

What Value Does DV 2.0 Bring Your Customers?

The wide application of Data Vault 2.0 has allowed Scalefree to provide our clients with innovative solutions to practical problems found within their respective industries while simultaneously offering a better path towards a connected future. In leveraging Data Vault 2.0 within client’s projects, the world of BI becomes more accessible and more easily leveraged towards each unique goal set by clients, industry demand, as well as the curve of innovation.