Performance G2

PerformanceG2, Inc. is the Business Intelligence Consultancy for companies looking to modernize their enterprise data warehouse (EDW). We help companies rapidly build their EDW using Agile, Data Warehouse Automation, Cloud Platforms, and the Data Vault 2.0 system of Business Intelligence. PerformanceG2, Inc. provides Data Vault 2.0 training and full lifecycle Data Vault 2.0 implementation and support services.

Why Partner with DVA?

Mark Schultze
The value of the Data Vault community will be on the breadth and depth of the information sharing. Community members need to understand that the success of all of us is tied to the continued success and penetration of Data Vault in the marketplace. This is the place to be for all customers and partners a part of the Data Vault 2.0 ecosystem. PerformanceG2 see benefits of being a part of Data Vault Alliance in three areas. One, Data Vault Alliance allows us to connect with customers and partners to share our Data Vault 2.0 experience. Second, Data Vault Alliance provides a platform for continuous learning in the Data Vault 2.0 space. And three, PerformanceG2 benefits with every successful Data Vault 2.0 customer and partner implementation.

What Value Does DV 2.0 Bring Your Customers?